it's moving day...

Hi there...well, it's moving day here at Orange Sky Designs. In fact, we're not even calling ourselves OSD anymore. From hence forth, we shall be called @ Designs!

If you'd like to keep tabs on us, you can find us at www.ambercroce.wordpress.com


kindred spirits.

I don't know who these people are, but I stumbled across this blog and this blog today and well, just refer to the title of this post. I'm inspired to take all of the photos I've taken of the transformation of our house and revamp my blog. I think I might just do that. Yep, that's what I'll do!


i'm in love...

...with Schoolhouse Electric Co.

-Great logo
-Stunning website design
-Awesome product
-Based in Portland, Oregon (I'd love to live there)

I think I know where we'll be getting some of our light fixtures!

Side note: This is the first post I've done in months because we GOT that old Victorian right outside of the city and I've been incredibly busy working on it! If anyone is still checking in, stick around! I promise I will try to keep up with this blog as we renovate!


hospitality and pineapples.

Today, after picking up a free recliner for the hubby (courtesy of Craigslist), we stopped by one of our favorite places in all of the 'Burgh-Construction Junction. CJ is a place where you can find recycled building and household items to buy and repurpose for cheap (and sometimes free). Can you tell that I'm a sucker for a bargain? While we are still in negotiations over "the house", we can't help but to be excited and wanting to plan and such. We found plenty of potential items for said house, but we were really only browsing for now. However, as we were getting ready to walk out the door, we looked at some smaller items on a table near the entrance and I found two of these great little architectural pineapple things for $4 each. I'm assuming that's what they are, anyways. I'll post a picture of them later. So, I set out on a quest to find out exactly what they are-I didn't, but I did find this awesome wallpaper designed by Jenny Wilkinson in the UK. It's paint by number. I'm not kidding. You can even purchase it here. Also, pineapples have been used as a symbol of hospitality for a long time, so I think these would be great for wherever we live.

I'm really not a fan of wallpaper, but I think I could dig a little bit of this-maybe on just one wall or something?


beard hat update.

In December 10th's post a winter beard. , I highlighted a great (albeit expensive) hat from Scandinavian Grace. I had given up on that venture, as it was out of any viable price range to spend on a gag gift. But, today truly is a new day. I recently came across Instructables -a DIY website. Today, I found instructions to make this very hat. The internet is a beautiful thing.

Plus, they have a great logo.